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prisoner reentry

For a program participant being able to support themselves and their family is critical. Yet, for someone who has a criminal past, finding an employer willing to give them a second chance is very difficult. According to a recent study, 65% of employers surveyed stated they would not “knowingly hire a person with a criminal record, regardless of the offense,” making prisoner reentry difficult.

At 70×7, we are interested in our participant’s obtaining employment and long term success.

70×7 Life Recovery assists with skill training, resume’ assistance and interview coaching. Our New Day Business Staffing works with local companies in West Michigan to provide the best candidate for the job or short term placement.

Employers who are interested in learning more about our program and what our employee program has to offer about prisoner reentry please contact New Day Business Relationship Manager Clay Reinking at 616.796.0685 ext 155.

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I came in kinda kickin’ and screamin’.  But 70×7 is full of patient people.  Now I’ve learned to trust a little more.  Overall, it’s an excellent program – I didn’t want to be here to begin with, but they wore me down!



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