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Get Involved at 70x7 Life Recovery to Help with Addiction and Recovery!

We love our volunteers! They are the backbone of our organization. Our volunteers’ passion and commitment to our mission of restoring dignity and purpose to a recovering community ONE relationship at a time is lost without the dedicated men and women who serve our community.

There are many ways to volunteer at 70x7 Life Recovery:

  • Mentor Volunteers – Our mentors are great listeners! We look for men and woman who can sit, have coffee and listen. We are looking for people who will journey with and not FIX problems. Can you listen? Meet with an individual once a week? – Then consider becoming a mentor.
  • Group  Mentoring – Do you like to work? Do you find it easier to talk to someone when you are repairing something, doing yard work or organizing a room?  Then a Group Mentor is your area of service.  Our Group Mentors serve in the local church once a week during the day alongside a couple of our participants. Our Group Mentors are the very best at listening, observing and providing us with the feedback on how an individual is handling working on a team.
  • General Volunteer – We can always use a set of extra hands on call to assist with dinners, picnics and other events that we host. Do you like to answer phones? File? We can get you involved as an admin volunteer.

Call to learn more about our various volunteers!   

Contact the Director of Mentoring Services:
Ron Bechtel  – 616-796-0685 ext 112

70×7 has brought me an opportunity to meet positive people in a positive network.  They make the impossible possible.


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