2017 Donor Appreciation Championship

The Hazards of Re-Entry

Please be our guest at the Grand Haven Country Club

Your support in 2016 has helped 225 people navigate the Hazards of Re-Entry and recover lives of Dignity, Purpose, and Hope…

We Want To Say Thank You.
YOU Are Our Champions, Already!

145 people place in jobs
67 people earned long-term employment
$723,000 of income earned
… and circulated into our local economy!

70x7 recidivism is 4.6% vs. the state average of 29%

PLEASE join us June 19th and allow us to show our appreciation on behalf of all the participants.

Our theme for this year:

The Hazards of Re-Entry

While you navigate the hazards of Grand Haven Golf Course, you will also learn about the hazards that our participants face every day as they strive to re-enter our communities.

Expect some fun and some surprises along the way!



Our One Request:

As our Champions in the community we ask you to thoughtfully invite 1, 2 or 3 people to round out your foursome; people that should know about our mission and people that could come alongside you as supporters and future champions of 70x7 Life Recovery.



INVITE ONE PERSON  – Bonus: Get one mulligan during your round
INVITE TWO PEOPLE – Bonus: Take away your worst hole score and replace it with a birdie
INVITE THREE PEOPLE – Bonus: Chance to Win a free round of golf at Grand Haven Country Club

June 19th, 2017
8:30 am Shotgun start
Grand Haven Country Club

13437 Lincoln St. Grand Haven 49432

Hole Sponsorships are available and welcomed. See registration for details, or call us.