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The challenges of re entry after incarceration are numerous. Often the world men and women are returning to has changed. 70×7 Life Recovery offers a unique approach to reentry programs that support those who desire to return and change the direction of their life toward a positive outcome.

Mentoring 70×7 Life Recovery’s Mentoring program sets us apart from other staffing services and reentry programs.  We believe that the role of a positive caring individual is critical. Our mentors are trained to listen, understand and encourage each individual who engages in our re entry program.

Jobs for Life   – A 2 week intensive classroom  program teaches the core character competencies necessary for those returning to the work force. In the class participants work on how to handle conflict resolution, perseverance, taking responsibility, and effective communication skills. Jobs for Life addresses the purpose of work and the character traits necessary to achieving employment success.

Employment Those who have been convicted of a crime and have served their sentence are now required to check a box on all job applications indicating their prior convictions. 70×7 Life Recovery believes your past does not have to dictate your future. Our New Day Staffing  division works with over 40 local employers  to find employment for those who are willing to work and rebuild their lives.


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70×7 is “the only program that would give me a chance – praise the Lord! No matter how bad your past is, if you’re willing to put in the work,  70×7 will help you.  



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