Clay Reinking
Business and Finance Director
616-796-0685 ext 155

Brian Vork
Executive Director
616-796-0685 ext 152

Marybeth Apple Sims
Relationship Manager
616-796-0685 ext 118

Gary Barton
Special Projects
616-796-0685 ext. 153

Brian Stauffer
Allegan Program Manager

Richard Capotosto
Director of Development

Ron Bechtel
Program Director
616-796-0685 ext 112

Sandy Duer
Employment Readiness Trainer

Renee Janisse
Staff Accountant
616-796-0685 ext. 151

Charles Van Drunen
Relationship Manager
616-796-0685 ext. 154

Dan Calkins
Employment Readiness Trainer Assistant

70×7 gave me an opportunity to turn my life around.  Their program is something I definitely needed, and couldn’t do on my own.  It’s a different atmosphere than what I’m used to: they care about you.



Many different opportunities available!

Board of Directors

Arvin Tap – Board President, Tim Koning – Treasurer, Karen Woods, Bob Carlton, Honorable Jon Hulsing, Doug Kamphuis, Chris Kuhn, Cal Lubbers, Gary Palmitier, Bob Schaftenaar, Barb Witt, Kathy Van Houten