About Us

70×7 Life Recovery provides mentorship, employment, job skills/life skills training and recovery support for men and women who have previously been incarcerated. In addition, we offer recovery support groups for those who struggle with addictive behaviors.

One Story

Everyone has a story.  At 70×7 Life Recovery we believe that our failures are not final and we can find forgiveness, healing and a new path for the story of our life.

One Relationship

No person is an island. We believe that life is best lived in community with authentic caring friends and family. Through our mentorship model we journey with those who are reclaiming their lives.

One Day at a Time

Change takes time and patience. Our mentors work side by side of our clients as they rebuild what has been broken. Each day is a gift and we want people to live it to their fullest.

70×7 Life Recovery along with local churches, state agencies and other organizations provides mentorship, employment, job skills/life skills training and recovery support.

Mission: To restore dignity, purpose and hope to a recovering community, one relationship at a time.

Vision: To be an organization of second chances, where paths to a new life lead to a better life.

Even though we are a faith based organization, one does not need to share our beliefs in order to take advantage of the services that we offer.

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How often should I forgive someone who sins against me?  Seven times?  “No,” Jesus replied.  Seventy times seven.  

-Matthew 18:21-22

70×7 gave me an opportunity to turn my life around.  Their program is something I definitely needed, and couldn’t do on my own.  It’s a different atmosphere than what I’m used to: they care about you.



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