Get Involved

70×7 Life Recovery is privately funded and depends on your generous support to maintain our vital services in the Grand Rapids Community.

Here are some ways anyone can join in the effort to provide Dignity, Purpose, and Hope to those returning to our community after incarceration.

Let people know

Let people know about this restorative ministry. Direct anyone you know in the recovering community to 70×7 for help. Spread the word.

Volunteer Today

We need a variety of talents to help with marketing, special events, and so much more. Get involved today, help someone in need and find your niche.

Become a Mentor

Jump into the deep end with us and nurture a relationship with someone who has never heard the things that you learned and take for granted!

Donate Now

Our 10 year track record of responsibly utilizing our resources ensures that your generosity will hit the target and impact lives directly.

Planned Giving

Let’s discuss options that will leave a legacy of help and hope for years to come, a blessing to this community in your name.


Donate while shopping on Amazon.  Choose us as your charity of choice.