Our Programs

Our Process

70×7 Life Recovery acts as a catalyst bringing church, business, and community resources to bear on the challenges facing anyone reentering our communities after incarceration. Our primary focus is to prepare individuals for a lifetime of dignity and independence through full-time work and mentorship.

Our core services include the following:

  1. Our Reentry Program
  2. Our Mentorship Program
  3. Our Family Program “Stronger Together”
  4. Reentry Lunches
  5. Take Charge

Each of these programs seeks to help provide resources to those recently incarcerated or effected by incarceration.

Our Reentry Program – includes a two weeks skill development course, a series of Serving Together (Local church partners provide job sites and direct supervision of each participant during this on- the-job training period, which we call Serving Together), and ends with a job interview set up by our Employment Managers.

Our Mentorship Program – comes along with our reentry program. Each participant is paired with a trained, long-term mentor for encouragement, accountability, and guidance on a new way of living.

Our Family Program “Stronger Together” – is a new program that works to connect families of the incarcerated to resources and community.

Our Reentry Lunches – are monthly lunches that work to foster relationships between exoffenders and local business men and women over one big meal.

Take Charge – is a women’s program that seeks to teach women who have been impacted by incarceration life skills by creating a community of mentorship and support.