Our Family Program

Stronger Together

70×7 Life Recovery is launching a new family program called “Stronger Together.” This program hopes to partner with the families of the incarcerated. This program hopes to help families tackle issues such as: 

  • Financial stress with the loss of the offender’s income
  • Child care issues with one less person to take care of the children
  • Confusion, lack of knowledge about how the corrections and parole system works.
  • Emotional issues that can include anger, shame, and resentment. Left unchecked, these issues can grow even larger.
  • A sense of isolation … the family feels all alone while up against these myriad challenges

It is our goal to help families with all of these problems as well as prepare the family for the return of the incarcerated member and improve the likelihood of forgiveness and reconciliation.

What our program is all about

70×7 Life Recovery “Stronger Together” ensures that families have a chance at finding stability.

How we hope to help by providing the following components:

  • A loving, caring community of people going through the same struggles together with experts in the field
  • Knowledge in how to navigate the corrections system: visitation, parole, etc.
  • Knowledge about resources that are available
  • The opportunity to share their challenges and successes and to learn from one another as well as encourage one another

By providing more tools and resources to deal with daily living challenges (i.e. financial, child care, time management, single parenting requirements, etc.), we hope that families are better equipped to deal with corrections and parole systems. It is our goal to keep families of the incarcerated together because we believe that we are all “Stronger Together.”