The need we are meeting

Among those who complete our program, less than 5% return to jail or prison within 3 years.

The need is great.

29% recidivism in the State of Michigan; the costs of this are staggering.

The need is to reduce the prison population in Michigan by reducing the number of repeat offenders.

The need is to restore self-sufficiency through full-time employment to people leaving incarceration and returning to our communities.

The need is to re-unite broken families and deal a major blow to the epidemic of generational poverty.

Temporary placement agencies do nothing to prepare workers for success, nor can they guarantee full-time placement after the trial period. The special challenges of re-entry require specialized preparation and a life line of relationships to help participants navigate the obstacles they face.

How does West Michigan benefit from 70×7 programming?

4.6% recidivism rate among its participants 2013-2016, versus 29% Michigan rate

  • Our program curriculum is refined, documented, and proven successful for over 10 years in west Michigan.
  • The economic benefits of 50 people working instead of being in prison is approximately $ 275,000.00
  • By reducing the crime rate in Ottawa County, we make communities safer and ease the burden on our police force.
  • Working people pay child support and they can play a role in their children’s lives. 75% of released offenders have children.
  • We supply employees to a business community desperate for qualified labor; these are employees that have been prepared with fundamental soft-skills and work readiness training, resulting in lower turn-over.
  • Instead of being a burden to society, 130-140 people will become contributing, tax-paying citizens each year.