Reentry Program

Our Reentry Program

Our reentry program is designed to provide the participant with the skills, tools and support necessary to successfully reintegrate into the community following a period of incarceration.

Our reentry program consists of two components: Changes Class, Serving Together, and Our Mentorship Program

  1. Changes Class ― is our life recovery class. Changes is a classroom-based program providing basic life skills and employment readiness skills necessary to obtain and retain employment.
  2. Serving Together – is our work demonstration program designed to begin relationship building, provide evidence of employ ability, and an introduction to the mentoring process.
  3. Mentoring Program ― is split into two different parts: group mentoring and individual mentoring. All Group and Individual mentors are required to complete comprehensive training provided by 70×7 Life Recovery

Throughout this entire process, participants work one-on-one with our staff while enrolled in our program. Once a participant is employed and matched with a mentor, our staff continues this support by making monthly check-ins and quarterly mentor reviews.  

Our programs also provides opportunities to build relationships with Churches through our Serving Together program, Businesses through our employment program, and Community through our connections with the local Parole and Probation officers, Addiction support agencies and programs, Housing Agencies, and many other organizations that we refer them to for various services.