Program Components

Our programs are designed to be relationship based and provide the participant with the skill, tools and support necessary to successfully reintegrate into the community following a period of incarceration.  The primary objective is to equip the participant to live a crime free, self-sufficient, productive life.

Our programs are successful because they are Faith-Based and cause Church, Business and Community to come around our participants in a way that brings Purpose, Dignity and Hope to their lives.

Employment Program

Our employment program has the following components:

Employment Readiness

  • Life Recovery Class – a classroom-based program providing basic life skills and employment readiness skills necessary to obtain and retain employment
  • Serving Together – a work demonstration program designed to begin relationship building, provide evidence of employ ability , and an introduction to the mentoring process


  • Initial employment through our internal staffing company, New Day Staffing
  • Long-term employment at the initial New Day Staffing employer

Mentoring Program

Our mentoring program has the following two components:

Group Mentoring

  • Church based mentors work with a small group of participants during their Serving Together (see above) time

Individual Mentoring

  • Each participant in the Employment Program is assigned an individual mentor that meets with them at least weekly to provide ongoing support, guidance and friendship

All Group and Individual mentors are required to complete comprehensive training provided by 70×7 Life Recovery