Program Features

Our programs have the following Features:


Case Management

All enrolled participants are assigned a Relationship Manager who supports them while active in our program.  Our Relationship Managers begin building a strong relationship with our participants during the intake process and continue working closely with them during their programming period.  Once a participant is employed and matched with a mentor, that Relationship Manger support continues through monthly check-in points and quarterly mentor reviews.  The support from the Relationship Manager does not end until the participant is no longer active in our program, which often encompasses a two-year time frame. 

Relationship Based

In addition to the relationship a participant has with our Relationship Manager, our programs provide opportunities to build relationships with Churches through our Serving Together program, Businesses through our employment program, and Community through our connections with the local Parole and Probation officers, Addiction support agencies and programs, Housing Agencies, and many other organizations that we refer them to for various services.

Data and Metrics

We track and maintain a variety of data points and develop performance metrics which provide evidence-based support for the effectiveness, reliability and quality of our programming.


Our program accepts men and women who meet the following criteria:

  • Must be 18 year of age or older
  • Have a significant barrier to employment, such as a felony conviction, limited or poor work history, a history of addiction (provided they are not currently active in their addiction), or a history of generational poverty.
  • Have the mental and physical ability to work independently, without assistance
  • Be willing to participate in a mentoring relationship