Program Outcomes

The focus of our programming is on employment and mentoring, however, the ultimate goal is life transformation and restoration, resulting in a changed trajectory in the life of our participants.

While outcomes will vary over time and may be difficult to measure, the programs of 70x7 Life Recovery are intended to provide the following benefits:


For The Communities We Operate In

  • A significantly lower recidivism rate compared to national and state averages (our historical recidivism rate ranges between 3% to 6%)
  • Reduced crime rates (the low recidivism rate reduces a community’s crime rate)
  • An increase in tax revenues (the wages earned by our participants result in federal, state and local taxes being paid)
  • A reduction in the cost of government assistance (working participants require less government assistance)
  • A reduction in government provided child support (working participants who have children are able to pay for their children’s support through wage withholding)
  • A reduction in incarceration and judicial costs (court costs, prosecuting and defense costs, policing costs) due to our low rate of recidivism
  • Greater community awareness of the barriers faced by the formerly incarcerated (95% of those incarcerated return to the community they are from at some point in time)

For The Participants We Work With

  • Improved job readiess
  • Improved job retention
  • Improved ability to make better choices and decisions
  • Improved financial stability
  • Improved interpersonal skills
  • Improved relationships
  • Spiritual growth