70x7 exists to catalyze the Church, Commerce, and Communities to turn the cycle of incarceration and its consequences into a cycle of Restoration and Hope.


70x7 brings hope to men and women coming home from prison or jail by providing meaningful community, employment success, and a deepening relationship with God. Churches enfold each person, providing care and support. Training and instruction lead to long-term employment, providing for physical needs. Mentoring relationships lead to purpose and potential. The collaborative action of Church, Commerce, and Community breaks the cycle of crime and incarceration.


We need a variety of talents to help with marketing, special events, etc. Get involved and find your niche.


  1. We are Christ-Centered because we believe in the restorative teaching and actions of Jesus who sees everyone as valuable and worthy of another opportunity.
  2. We are Church-Based because we believe restoration takes place in grace-filled groups where a variety of resources exist.
  3. We are Collaborative because we know that creating a cycle of restoration requires a partnership with everyone who touches the life of someone being released.
  4. We are Relational because we believe that life-change happens best one-on-one where trust and hope are the basis of coaching and accountability.
  5. We are Empowering because we believe every person, regardless of choices they have made, has dignity and value.
  6. We have Integrity because we believe that it is the basis for being trustworthy and it drives us to honesty, openness, and excellence.