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With the unwavering support of our donors and volunteers, the impact 70×7 Life Recovery has in the community speaks for itself.
Naka’s Story: I Am More Than My Mistakes
“Before 70×7, I wanted to give up. I had been in and out of penitentiary for over 11 years. I was 37 years old, sick of starting over, suicidal, and emotionally crushed. I wanted to change but I didn’t know how to. I had lost all faith in God, and in everything. I was ashamed.

“The first time I stepped into 70×7, I was greeted with smiles and warmth. They truly cared about me making it in life. They had been in my shoes and seeing them succeed made me feel like I could too. My mentor became my friend, my brother, my family. By helping me resurrect the man I knew I had inside of me, they helped me become that man for my family. 70×7 forgave me and helped me forgive myself. 70×7 showed me redemption. They pushed me to have faith in myself and showed me that I am not my mistakes.”

195 Mentors
195 men and women served as mentors in 2019.
179 Graduates
179 participants graduated from our jobs readiness course in 2019
96.07% Success
96% of 70×7 participants stay out of jail or prison – for good.
Out of incarceration
into a life of purpose
Out of incarceration
into a life of purpose