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Whether you are a returning citizen or you have a family member who is or has been incarcerated, we are here for you. Let’s work together and make a change.
96.07% Success Rate

Recidivism for those who have completed our program is 3.93% compared to 29.8% for the state of Michigan and 50% nationally.






70x7 Life Recovery


280 people participated in our program or related services in 2019.

176 Graduates

179 participants graduated from our jobs readiness course in 2019.

195 Mentors

195 men and women served as mentors in 2019.

109 Employed

109 graduates were placed with one of our partnering employers in 2019.

42 Long-Term Employed

42 of the participants placed with partnering employers were hired as long-term employees in 2019.

15 New Employers

We added 15 new employers for a total of 58 partnering employers in 2019.

47 Churches

We merged with Healing Communities of West Michigan. Now called 70×7 Restorative Hope. We added three new Restorative Hope churches in urban core areas for a total of 47 churches.

203 Pen Pals

203 Pen Pals wrote regularly to 312 incarcerated men and women in 2019.


We continued to minister to families of those incarcerated in our Holland and Grand Rapids locations.
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Be a Part of these
Remarkable Results
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