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Michael’s Story

Moving from Acceptance to Success

Michael’s Story

Moving from Acceptance to Success
“I didn’t want to hurt anyone. I was just looking for acceptance. When I was 16 years old I was sentenced to life in prison without parole. While in prison, I gave my life to God. I remember telling him I was okay with being in there until I was 99 years old.

“Now I’m free. I was released from prison after 29 years. I was overwhelmed. I couldn’t even make simple decisions for myself. 70×7 helped me mature and grow. They have a heart for people and they want to see you succeed. 70×7 showed me the acceptance I always longed for in life. I pray I can take care of my family, have a family of my own, and serve God. Thanks to 70×7, I’ve adapted my life for success.”

After serving 28 years, Michael Perry was released in 2018. Here’s a 360° view of his restoration:

Michael’s Parole Agent: “I’ve been so surprised by Michael’s success. It is because of the support he has with 70×7.”

Michael’s Pastor: “With 70×7 and our church, Michael was not only accepted, but welcomed. He is always here and knows that his faith family will help him weather every storm.”

Michael’s supervisor at KAM Plastics: “Michael is awesome. In a position that historically brings out short-temperedness, he never shows signs of irritation.”

Michael’s Mentor, Carl: “God is paving a road of opportunity for this guy. I challenge him to evaluate – in any situation – is it of God?”

Michael to his mentor: “Carl is my mentor, teacher, friend, and father figure.”